Cupping Test Apparatus

Cupping Testing Apparatus is scientific equipment to know the quality of paint on the pre-painted sheet therefore, in cupping testing machine the samples are cut and deep drawn according to Erichsen Principle to determine the depth to which they can be drawn before the paint cracks.

Hand operated, rugged ERICHSO TESTER is designed to find the deep drawability (ductility) of metallic sheets and strips as per Erichsen Principle for cupping test.

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So, To know the quality of paint on the pre-paint sheet therefore,

Pressing the clamp test piece into a die by means of a ball or penetrator with a spherical end until rupture commences, measuring the depth of the cup.

Die Diameter : 27 mm

Punch Diameter : 20 mm

Standard : DIN 53156 ISO – R149

Optional : Digital Display

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